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The AI Assistant
for Requirements Management
Your Digital Worker for RM

Takes over Tasks

Takes over repetitive, tedious requirements management tasks.

Solves Bottlenecks

In case of bottlenecks, REQBEES for RM support your team.

Automates Tasks

REQBEES use Robotic Process Automation to perform the RM tasks autonomously.


Let REQBEES perform the requirements analysis and categorize the requirements.

RM Tool Independant

REQBEES RM can interact with the RM tool in use, just like a normal employee.


Use your data to train the REQBEES with machine learning.
Get in Touch
We mastered development of digital workforce, i.e. the artificial intelligence assistants.
We dive in how the company works to develop dedicated, tailored solutions to suit your business needs.
Define Your Needs
Explain us your need and we will develop an AI assistant specifically for your needs.
Our technology is based on Robotic Process Automation, Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Let REQBEES Work for You
We integrate the Assistant into your company software.
Our REQBEES assistants are highly integratabtle into the corporate ERP software, for example SAP S/HANA.
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Why an AI Assistant for RM?

Our AI Assistants combine Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation with the Conversational AI.

Conversatonal Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind the interaction with your AI Assistant REQBEES, i.e you chat with the assistant.
Robotic Process Automation performs the repetitive tasks, like update of the requirements database, generation and distribution of reports etc.
The AI Assistant learns what to do through the machine learning. For the Requirements Management tasks, REQBEES learn form the requirements specifications and user stories.